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Petra is one of seven dogs who came into rescue together as working LGDs.  They spent their lives guarding goats on a  9600 acre ranch in the Texas Panhandle and were never properly socialized before coming to Bluebonnet. Petra was adopted then returned to us when she started climbing over the 4' fences at her new home. She returned to our pastures, which are enclosed with 5' fences, and everything was good, until she started going over OUR fences too.

We moved Petra to the house, where we have a yard with 6' tall fencing. She has assimilated into the routine of living inside the house, and even chooses to sleep in the crate most days, not because we put her there, but just because we keep the doors open on all our crates so the dogs learn to accept them as just another part of the furniture.

Petra is still very shy on meeting new people, but she does enjoy petting from her family. She is not one to bark unnecessarily, so she could be a great companion for someone who lives in town and has neighbors to consider.

Petra gets along with other dogs unless they bother her during meal times. Then, she doesn't hesitate to defend her bowl. She has never been one to play with other dogs, but recently, she has started making overtures to the male dogs in her foster home, trying to get them to play with her. Given her shy nature, we think it would be wonderful for Petra to have a confident dog in the home, so she can continue to follow that example, as she does in her foster home. She walks well on a leash, and is accustomed to walking with one or more big dogs.

If you think Petra would be the perfect addition to your family, please visit our website to read about our adoption process and submit your application.

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