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Princess Mia

Princess Mia has been guarding goats her whole life, until her human died. Like so many people, her owner was the kind who thought you just put a puppy in the pasture and let her do her job. No human interaction. No veterinary care. The natural result of this outdated way of thinking is that the dog has a variety of health issues and has no reason to trust humans. It was a real challenge for local rescuers and animal control in the Waco area to wrangle Princess into the truck so she could go to the vet. But thank heavens they were persistent. Thanks also for the amazing Dr. Meier and her team at All Heart Veterinary Center, who sedated Princess in the truck, to reduce the stress of being moved out of the truck and into the clinic. Princess was spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm-tested (she is positive but is being treated). She also had puncture wounds on her mouth/cheek from an unknown source, so Dr. Meier cleaned those wounds and stitched up the larger ones. Princess is now settled in one of our barn kennels, where she appreciates the canned food, which I'm sure is easier on her injured mouth, and which is great for hiding her meds. She hasn't yet tried out her brand new bed, but hopefully she'll figure that out soon enough. We're encouraged that she lets us pet her every time we go inside the kennel. Some dogs who have been raised hands-off as she was will not. We will take our time with this sweet girl, hoping to earn her trust.

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