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UPDATE 12/21/2020
At his last vet check in November, Paddington was released by the vet to have more activity to help strengthen the muscles in his legs. We give him Carprofen and a glucosamine supplement daily, and now, instead of being limited to going into a small courtyard for play, Paddington is allowed to go into the main yard, where he enjoys playing with other dogs. As much as he enjoys playtime, Paddington still seems to prefer the company of his humans, but we think it will be important for him to have another dog in the home who is willing to play some. Paddington seems to be very smart about knowing his limits -- we notice that he plays with dogs who are in the 2-4 year age range, rather than with those who are not yet a year old.
Paddington definitely still enjoys all the chewing habits of a puppy, and he delights in destroying every new stuffie we give him, and even sometimes thinks dog beds are good for chewing on. Thankfully, he hasn't seemed inclined to chew on our furniture, and we keep our shoes, TV remote, and other temptations out of reach. He's very good about going into the crate at night when we say it's bedtime, though he definitely expects a treat every time.
In spite of having increased activity during the past month, we haven't noticed Paddington limping or showing any signs of pain, so we're hopeful that he is growing out of his bone issues, which are described in more detail in his original bio below.
Paddington is a young boy in need of a medical foster or a committed adopter. Paddington has not just one but TWO bone-related problems -- Panosteitis and Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD). Panosteitis involves inflammation of the long bones of the legs, and is often called growing pains. Thankfully, pups usually grow out of this problem as they develop and mature. Treatment is basically just good food and pain management. HOD also involves inflammation of the front leg bones, just a different area. Again, treatment involves good food and pain management, plus plenty of rest, with restricted activity. We hope Paddington will grow out of this condition as well, but the vet warned us that there are no guarantees.
Paddington needs a nice quiet home where he can enjoy life without wanting to get rambunctious and play with another puppy or young dog. He gets along well with other animals, so if you have a nice calm adult dog (this sounds like most Pyrs, right?) who has no interest in playing with a pup, Paddington could be an easy addition to your home.
If you can foster, or if you are interested in making Paddington a permanent member of your family, please send an e-mail to, or complete the application on our website: . This sweet young boy deserves the best care we can provide, and we hope you will help us do exactly that. ❤

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