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Miss Nollie had her photo shoot and is ready to show the world what a beauty she is! She landed in the shelter with her two sisters, Betsie and Corrie, and all three girls look very different. Corrie was adopted, and her family did a DNA test that shows 46% Australian Cattle Dog and 39% Great Pyrenees, with several other breeds each coming in at amounts from 1 - 3%. Of course, we know that canine DNA is not an exact science, plus it's possible that Nollie and Corrie have different dads. But based on her behavior, we think Heeler/Pyr is a reasonable guess.

Nollie gets along well with all the dogs she has met, and she plays outside a LOT. In her visits to our vet, she has been curious about the clinic cats, but she hasn't shown any aggression or inclination to chase. So we think with the right introductions and careful supervision in the beginning of a new relationship, Nollie could probably live in peace with a cat.

When we go into the chicken yard each day, Nollie is usually one of the dogs who goes with us. As with cats, she was mildly curious about the chickens at first, but even when the rooster flapped his wings and crowed loudly as he stood within her reach, Nollie didn't react at all. With almost daily visits, she has shown us that she's more interested in scavenging for chicken food/treats than in paying attention to the chickens themselves.

Nollie is getting better at walking on the leash but needs more practice, as she wants to wander left to right to investigate everything she sees and smells, so she can easily get her human tangled up in the leash. She doesn't have potty accidents in the house, but it's important to note that she spends a lot of time outdoors. She sleeps in a crate at night, as that was part of her potty/house-training, and when she comes inside at the end of the day, it's just habit for her to go straight to the crate. We think that once she moves to a home where perhaps she will spend more time inside, she will just need frequent opportunities to go outside to reinforce good habits.

Nollie is really a sweetheart but has TONS of energy that needs to get burned off. With the number of dogs and puppies we take care of daily, we don't have the time to take her on long walks or hikes in the woods. But we think Nollie would be a great buddy for someone who lives a very active life. Hiking. Camping. Going to the lake. Nollie LOVES playing in the kiddie pool in her play yard. She has never had the chance to visit a lake -- wouldn't you like to give her that chance? Submit an application for Nollie today!

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