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Meet Comanche! Comanche is one of the Fort Stockton pups and is a male.

In January of 2023, a momma dog (now named Elsinore) and 12 puppies were rescued from a construction site in Fort Stockton in West Texas. There was also another female dog who looked like an Anatolian Shepherd and could likely be the mom of at least some of the puppies, and it's possible that she and Elsinore may be related. Local folks in Fort Stockton told us that the puppies all seemed to nurse from whichever momma dog was closest. There was also a male who visited the site occasionally, and we think he is the likely father of these puppies. He looks like he might potentially be part German Shepherd and part Anatolian Shepherd.  Some of the puppies have coloring very similar to his.

These pups are not quite ready to leave mom just yet and go to new homes. But as cute as they are, we know that you'll want to claim YOUR pup as soon as possible, so if you're interested in adopting don't hesitate to complete your application now!

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