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Sasha is mom to the Nutcracker Suite puppies. She is small for an Anatolian Shepherd, so would do best with a larger male partner if adopted as a working LGD. Our guess is that she was probably bred during her first heat cycle, which tends to cause the momma dog's growth to slow down or even stop completely, as her body puts all of its energies in to the development of puppies. Sasha will continue to fill in with a healthy diet, but she's not likely to get any taller, or any larger in terms of her frame.

In their first home, Sasha was living with chickens, ducks, geese, a couple of goats, and a few assorted other animals so has had a wide variety of exposure to different animals. Plus of course dogs, and a couple of barn cats. At Windsong Ranch, Sasha is currently living in a pasture adjacent to goats. She's not in the pasture WITH the goats only because she has somewhat of an alpha temperament, and we are always careful about matching the dogs in each pasture. Plus, in the pasture where she is now, Sasha has easy access to visit her pups. Sasha can climb our 5' tall pasture fence, and she will go over the fence to have supper with her pups every day. Thankfully, she doesn't climb the fence to try to leave our property.

Sasha is very sweet with people, but she was never taught how to walk on a leash, so we are trying to help her overcome her fear of/resistance to the leash. But we don't have enough time to devote to this effort, so we aren't yet making much progress. She will definitely need work to learn how to walk nicely on a leash.

If you have a small homestead, or perhaps a backyard flock of chickens, Sasha might be exactly the dog you need. If so, please complete the application on our website.


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