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Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou has to be one of the prettiest Pyrs we have seen in a long time. It's no surprise that she had the misfortune of being picked by a backyard breeder and was forced to produce one litter after another for the first few years of her life. After 5 litters, the guy decided he needed "new blood" in his line and dumped Emmy at the closest shelter. When we picked her up and brought her home, we had to literally drag her in the house -- it was snowing that day, so of course we wanted her to be in the house with us, but Emmy had never been inside a house in her life. She most likely was punished at some point in her life for trying to enter the house, as she was VERY afraid to cross the threshold. It took her a few weeks to understand that not only was she ALLOWED in the house, she was actually WELCOME and WANTED in the house.

It has taken Emmy Lou many months to get accustomed to "the good life" she's living in her foster home -- plenty of food and treats, comfy places to sleep, a big yard for enjoying good weather, and a pasture full of livestock who make the best poo for rolling around in. ♥

Emmy Lou gets along just fine with all the dogs in her foster home, but we believe she wold be happiest in a home where either she's the only dog, or where there might be only one other dog, so she can continue to get the attention she has learned to love. She is safe with livestock, including chickens, so she could be a good addition to a farm or small homestead, but she is NOT a livestock guardian. She is a companion dog -- a pet who will enrich your life with her love and devotion, who will probably guard YOU and your family, but who really doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in the pasture.

Emmy Lou is slow to adapt to change, and her adopter will need to be someone who is committed to taking the time necessary for her to become accustomed to new surroundings.

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