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Emmy Lou

After two failed adoptions, and too many applications from people who wanted to make her a livestock guardian even though her bio (below) clearly says that is NOT the life she prefers, we decided to make Emmy Lou a Sanctuary dog. She has lived at Windsong Ranch more than half her life and seems happy here. We are willing to let her live the life SHE prefers, not one that we are pushing her into to suit OUR purposes. She enjoys time outside, plays with other dogs occasionally, and sleeps in the house most nights. She will live out her days with us, and we will love her as long as she lives.

Original Adoption Bio

Emmy Lou is such a beautiful girl that it's no surprise she had the misfortune of being used by a backyard breeder, forced to produce one litter after another for the first few years of her life. When the guy decided he needed "new blood" in his breeding line, he dumped Emmy at the closest shelter. We were happy to bring her to Windsong Ranch and introduce her to a better life.

Emmy Lou has an estimated birthday in June 2010, but in spite of her age, she appears to be in great health.  She is slow to adapt to change, and her adopter will need to be someone who is committed to taking the time necessary for her to become accustomed to new surroundings. We know from observing her behavior here that she really appreciates having the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside, under a shade tree, watching over her domain, but she prefers to sleep inside the house.

Emmy Lou gets along just fine with other dogs, but we believe she would be happiest in a home where either she's the only dog, or where there might be only one other dog, so she can continue to get the attention she has learned to love. She is safe with livestock, including chickens, so she could be a good addition to a farm or small homestead, but she is NOT a livestock guardian. She is a companion dog -- a pet who will enrich your life with her love and devotion, whose presence may keep predators away, but who really doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in the pasture.

If Emmy Lou sounds like a girl after your own heart, and if you have the patience to love her even as she's trying to decide whether she likes you, please complete an application on our website.


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